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Ready, Set, Host!

What? Your hosting Christmas Dinner? No worries--you can do it! You've got a week to get your hosting plan going. Check out our helpful one-week tips to get you started.


4-7 Days Before | Around December 19

Move your turkey from the freezer to the refrigerator so it can begin defrosting.Pro-(Tip: Allow one day for thawing for every 5 pounds of meat. For example, a 15-pound turkey would take three days to completely thaw.)

Look at your meal plan, make a grocery list.

Shop for non-perishable items.

Double check that you will have enough bake ware, pans, dinner plates, silverware, serving ware, and stemware.

Looking at your meal plan, map out the cooking timeline for Christmas day.

Which dishes can be made the day before?

Clean out and rearrange the refrigerator to make room for any dishes you will be making ahead of time.

Come up with activities for your younger guests to do while you prep for the dinner.

Invite guests to bring kid-friendly board games and movies too!

3 Days Before | December 22-23

Shop for perishable items.

Set the table with your Christmas table decorations and place settings.

Refrigerate beverages if needed.

Set, Clean guestrooms and bathrooms.

The Day Before | December 24

Prepare dishes that can be prepped or made ahead of time.

Lay out items for the buffet area.

Do a last minute clean and sweep of the house.

Text or email guests reminders with your address and directions.

Christmas Day | December 25

Use your meal timeline to guide your cooking.

Don’t forget to put the turkey in the oven!

Light candles and set remaining decor.

Determine a place for guests coats/hats.

Have a family member sweep/clear the front walkway.

Put a decorative placeholder by the mailbox/driveway to identify your location.


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